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Got my LiveJournal Back

Hmnnnn must start posting more.

Just to let everyone know - my first original novel Midnight Riot (aka RIvers of London) will be launched in North America on February 1st as a mass market paperback and various kinds of electronic download.

Rivers of London

Rivers of London, my book, is now available through out the UK.

Moon Over Soho - The American Cover

I'm sorry it's so small I can't seem to get LJ to let me upload bigger pictures. Larger version can be found at my blog here.

Blake's 7 on BBC 7 in JUne

Yes folks there will be 4 B7 Audio Episodes on BBC 7 this June, two of them written by me and two by inestimable Simon Guerrier. You can listen to them live or 'catch up', as those funky teenagers say, on iPlayer or direct from the BBC7 website.

I will, of course, be reminding you closer to broadcast time so there is no excuse. The transmission dates are as follows....

Blood and Earth by Meeeeeee! Tuesday 1st of June at 18:30
The Dust Run by Simon. Wednesday 2nd of June at 18:30
The Trial by Simon again. Thursday 3rd of June at 18:30
When Vila Met Gan by Meeeee...again! Friday 4th June 18:30

You owe it to your children's children to listen to these shows.

Watch Luther on BBC One

It's got Idris Elba in it and that's all you really need to know.

Born rich, privately educated, got a job from his dad - who'd have guessed.

Times Article here.


My Macaroni Ostrogoth

Just a quick note to announce that I've signed a three book deal with Gollancz for the Rivers of London books. I will of course be celebrating in my usual restrained manner with a bottle of wine and a compilation album of Queen's greatest 'fuck yeah' Anthems.